Guest Information

You have been invited to a Weekend Wedding at RavenRidge. 

You’re in for a treat!

We would like to let you know a little about us and offer a few tips to help make the most of your experience here, whether you are staying for the day or the entire weekend.

We are a private, outdoor, weekend wedding venue offering rustic accommodations as well as RV parking. RavenRidge is also our home. We will welcome you as family and assist you in making the most of your stay. We strive to make your experience here a memorable one. In order to achieve this means there are rules to follow and tips to pass on that will assure you enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

Our property offers many opportunities for our guests; the opportunity to witness stunning sunsets, dazzling displays of the aurora borealis, delightful sounds of singing birds, and many, many more of mother nature’s delightful treats. We also offer the opportunity to experience some of her “other” gifts as well… buzzing insects, falling rain drops and wind ravaged hair.  We're not gonna lie sh*t happens! The key is to be prepared!

Summary of what we offer our Weekend Campers: 

  •  We provide a parking area for RVs, campers and tents. There is no power available but you are welcome to bring a generator.
  • Please let the wedding couple know the size of your unit and when you plan to arrive. Large motorhomes will be required to stay on the gravelled parking lot. 
  • Shower house with 2 hot showers and flush toilets. 3 additional lovely outdoor toilets are also available in various sites around the property.
  • Car Parking area is gravelled. Parking assistance for RV’s and campers will be available. Parking areas will be clearly marked and we ask you not to park on the lawns unless directed.
  • If you  are invited to stay in a cabin please bring your own pillows and blankets.
  • Campfire area with limited seating- so bringing your own chairs is a great idea!
  • BBQ is available for guest use. 
  • An opportunity to unplug- by this we mean cell phone service is spotty at best and we have no WiFi available. Enjoy the peace and tranquility!

Suggested dress and items to bring:

  • Footwear- sorry ladies, we know you look stunning in your 6 inch heels and free lawn aerating is a plus, but we are on nature’s terrain here and it is NOT heel friendly. Wedges, flats or boots would be a wise choice for this soiree’. Flip flops work just fine as well. 
  • Camping chairs for sitting by the fire
  • Jacket or sweater the evening. It can be 30 above during the day but the nights can be chilly so  bring along a jacket or a cozy blanket is a great plan!
  • Bug spray...we do our best to keep them away but...
  • Sunscreen/ sun hats…this is what it’s all about…yeah summer!!
  • Drinking water- tanked water is available for washing etc.- not good  for drinking tho.
  • Umbrella, our tents will keep you covered and dry in case of rain, but you will have to venture out from time to time.
  • Towels if you are intending on taking advantage of our hot showers. 
  • Flashlight, even though we will have lights along walkways you will need to find your way back to your weekend home and it could be tricky in the dark…and you don’t want to end up in the wrong you?
  • Binoculars…bird watching opportunities are plentiful!

House Rules 

  1. While you are welcome to explore our walking trails, pond and gardens we ask you to remember that our home and shop are not accessible to wedding guests.
  2. For guests with children please be mindful of your child’s whereabouts, we wouldn’t want to lose one, we understand you may be quite attached to them.  All jokes aside- you must supervise your children at all times. We have a large property that can pose dangers to children. Our pond is also tempting and a great place to explore…it is also very deep. 
  3. Frogs, toads, butterflies and other cool critters are in abundance here and provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn… but please leave them where you found them and do not harm them…they are part of our family too!
  4. While the wedding couple may be bringing their beloved pet that does not mean everyone can. Do your pet and yourself a favour and leave them at home. Being locked up all day during the wedding and reception is no fun.
  5. Garbage bags for bottles and trash will be available. Please use them. We have wildlife (big + small) in abundance in the area and this includes skunks…and skunks love garbage!
  6. Cigarette butts are trash! We will have sand buckets in our designated smoking areas for disposing of them and will really, really dislike finding them littering the ground.
  7. Please avoid bringing glass bottles if possible, they tend to break and it really sucks cleaning up the mess.
  8. We are blessed to have many wildflowers growing on our property. There are certain flowers that we NEVER PICK and that is why we have them to enjoy. Please refrain from picking any of our plants and keep to our trails, thank you!
  9. Plan ahead if you choose to indulge in a few adult beverages. There will be no access to taxis, Uber, or any public transportation. If possible please utilize the shuttle service arranged by the wedding couple. Better yet bring along a tent or trailer. 
  10. No motorized vehicles of any type are allowed.

Area Amenities

  • Gas & Restaurant- a PetroCan with a homestyle restaurant and ATM is located along highway 44- approximately 12 km from us.
  • Liquor store is located in the town of Fawcett  or at Dapp Corner Store.
  • Golf available at Hidden Valley  or Athabasca If this is something you’re interested in we would suggest booking well ahead.
  • Horseback riding is available just down the road  Please book ahead if you are at all considering this.
  • We have few lakes in the area with swimming and camping available as well; Cross Lake Provincial Park, Forfar Recreational Park, Long Island Lake Municipal Beach
  • ATV park with hourly rates for trail riding
  • We are super easy to find via Google Maps. Woodland+Wildflower Weddings 

We will be available throughout the weekend if you should need our assistance or have any questions regarding your stay.