Meet the Team

Laurie McKay of Woodland + Wildflower Weddings

Laurie McKay

Meet Laurie, the mother half of the team out here at RavenRidge. Ever since she was a wee child she had a great desire to beautify everything she felt needed beautifying! Her passions include plants, especially native plants, children, especially her grandchildren, her hard-working husband and gathering people together for celebrations!

 Through the years she has worn many different hats and this has allowed her to accumulate a wealth of knowledge-all leading towards  this-her "dream job"  Some of those many hats include; Floral Designer,  Horticulture Therapist and Master Gardener...and someone who desires to  make YOUR dream day a reality!

Jesse Wichmann of Woodland + Wildflower Weddings

Jesse Wichmann

Jesse- daughter of the team! Like her mother she shares a passion to create beauty. She is also the more "sparkly" half. Bling is her thing! Her loves include her husband and two children, flowers and parties! She had such fun planning her own wedding that she never wanted it to stop-and now here she is! Jesse is also a Certified Travel Consultant, WPIC Certified Wedding Coordinator and Floral Designer, whose skills you will most certainly come appreciate once she becomes part of your team!   

Cheers to a great season